Anonymous: I enjoy you getting new panties also


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    Anonymous: What no nude pic today :(


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  1. Love getting new panties

    Love getting new panties

  2. Anonymous: Can I please suck on your nipples?

    Nah i got someone for that

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    Anonymous: Well shoot. I blew my chance with you a while ago.


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  4. I Went Into the Belly of the Beast


    After I left work tonight, I attended a gathering at the Gateway Arch about the situation in Ferguson. It was short, and I couldn’t hear anything being said, but I did hear it said at the end, “If you really care about what’s happening, go to Ferguson yourself.”

    So I did.

    I spent about 3 hours…

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    Anonymous: Are you seeing any one?

    Not “taken” but I do really like someone.

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    Anonymous: Please dont die.

    I’m here. I won’t anon.

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    Anonymous: When u going to do another nude picture

    see below!

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    Anonymous: When r u going to do another naked pic

    Whenever I stop being lazy!

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  6. inspirationfeed:

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    Anonymous: Just place you can post nudes and talk to ppl


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